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GuangDong Sun Star Machinery Co., Ltd., the former Xing Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd. Jieyang city (founded in 1992), through integration of resources, organizations optimize, and then expand plant and purchased a number of advanced numerical control equipment, in July 2009 was renamed the establishment.
Headquartered in Jieyang, Guangdong Province, Chaozhou the southwest side of the fort and town of three industrial parks. Xing original content for the company's production base is factory area. Sunstar Machinery Co., Ltd. adhering to the customer first, win-win integrity, respect for management, pragmatic and innovative purposes, with many years of experience dedicated to the production of rubber machinery development, production and sales service, providing customers with stable performance, reliable quality, reasonable price, secure and environmentally friendly packaging motorcycle, bearing car, light truck, truck, car and other mega-projects a series of radial tire forming drum soft tooling and accessories, most of the products instead of imported products, the tire industry for the state to save a lot of foreign exchange expenditure. My company's light truck tires, performance tires, run air tires, radial truck tires, radial engineering giant tire molding process to develop and shape the development of manufacturing drums are put a lot of work. My company has always been customer demand and market competition-oriented, rely on proven technology, maturing of quality management, strong production capacity of the tire industry to provide reliable protection.
Our strict quality management system implementation ISO.9001.2000 6S-site certification standards and standardized management, both in research and development phase of the technology or service, pre-production equipment commissioning, the peak increase in device configuration and upgrades, our concerns are in every possible way.
Through nearly two decades of training and development, enough to witness our faith. Very intimate exchange of technology, let us win the battle in the state. The quality of excellence, innovation, together with our high-spirited attitude stride towards the forefront of a new economic era.