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Why are the same cars and some tire brands different? Even the specifications are different?

We drive on the road and often see the same car as ourselves.
The same car is showing that your vision is ok!
The better the car is sold, it is also confirmed that people recognize this model, regardless of appearance or quality!
But sometimes, in the maintenance of the car or in some parking lots, it is not a brand to see the same car tires.
Except for the tires that the owner has replaced by himself, in fact, many of the tires that are shipped from the factory are different!
In fact, it is well understood, different vehicle configurations, under the premise of different vehicle parameters
Use different sizes of tires to maximize the performance of the car
And in the choice of tires, each has its own focus.
Just like when we change car tires ourselves
There are also many factors to consider: whether it is comfortable, silent, or wearable.
Many car owners, I hope that my car can cool and pull the wind, it will replace a large size wheel, and a flat tire
How to choose the tire size upgrade that your own vehicle can change?
First of all, there are several principles that need to be understood:
The original tire specifications of the vehicle are verified by various data. If it is necessary to enlarge the running surface or aspect ratio of the tire, a scoping is required.
Therefore, it is not free to change. The following describes the formula for replacing the tire hub.
1. Take the car 205/55R16 as an example: add 10 minus 5 wheels.
The tire width is increased by 10, the aspect ratio is reduced by 5, and the hub size is unchanged.
2, plus 10 minus 10 size plus 1
This will require replacement of the hub!
Changing tires has a certain impact on braking and steering. In non-professional situations, it is not recommended to replace them yourself!